Thursday 10 September 2015

Our Remote Ancestors

Evolution of Humans 

  •  Homo Habilis - Between 2.8 and 1.5 Million years ago(communication through Signs andGrunts).
  • Homo Erectus -  Between 1,5 Million and 70,000  years ago.
  • Homo Heidelbergensis - Between 600 and 200 thousand years ago(First to develop Hyoid bone*).
  • Homo Neanderthalensis- Between 300,000 and 50,000 years ago(Lifespan was 30-40 years).
  • Homo Sapiens- From 150,000 onwards.

Homo Erectus

Around 8,000 BC Jericho, Palestine( the oldest continuously inhabited town) is founded.

Homonin - It is the term used for all early humans.

Paleolithic Period -   Period between 2.5 million years ago(first use of stone tools) till 10,000BC (beginning of agriculture).

Stone Tools - Homo Habilis used the simplest stone technology, which was refined by Homo Erectus into stone axes. The Neanderthals were the first to mount stones on spear heads.

Paleolithic Stone Tools

Around 24,000 years ago Neanderthals died at the hands of Homo Sapiens who were successful in adapting to every corner of the globe.

Human language may have evolved because of the need to handle complex social information around 40,000 years ago. 

Brain Development - The earliest signs of development of Broca's area, the part of brain which controls speech, occur in Homo Habilis 2 million years ago. It is located on left hemisphere of the frontal lobe in our brain.    

Evolution of Homonin Skull

*Hyoid Bone - A bone that is present in neck of humans which is necessary for co-articulation and speech.                     

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