Monday 12 October 2015

Precious Metal

Humans had made tools out of stone, bone and wood for thousands of years. The advent of copper working around 8,000 years ago was the beginning of the long association with metals, and a significant watershed in human history, which led to even further innovation.

Metal working started in Anatolia and Mesopotamia(modern day Turkey and Iran) in around 5000 BC and spread westward and northward reaching Northern Europe by 2000 BC.

Copper Smelting discovery is believed to have been made at some point before 5000 BC when by accident copper ore was being dropped into hearth and reacted with hot embers.

Model of copper smelting installation

Copper metallurgy developed in Italy and Spain by 3,5000 BC and in Britain in 2000 BC.

The first Copper Tin alloy - Bronze, was produced around 2,000 BC.

Bronze Age - A period defined by the use of bronze as most important material for making tools and weapons. It was from 3,000 BC to 1,200 BC in Middle East.

Iron Age - A period defined by the use of Iron as most important material for making tools and weapons. It was introduced from 1,200 BC and eventually became more useful than Bronze.

Steel an alloy of Aluminium and Carbon came into limited use as early as 500 BC.

At the beginning of the Bronze Age around 3,000 BC civilizations such as Mesopotamia, ancient Egypt and Indus valley were well established.

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