Friday 18 March 2016

Town Planning

Four thousand year after agriculture began, many farming villages in southwest Asia had grown into towns with over a thousand inhabitants. In southern Iraq, Egypt and elsewhere, a few strategically placed communities became towns with neighborhood, public buildings and sacred precincts.

Life in early town was unsanitary and chaotic with people living at close quarters.

The Wheel originated in 5th century BC and is believed to have developed from potter's wheel.

The First Wheel

Uruk was earliest Mesopotamian town developed between 4,800 BC and 3,800 BC. It had an area of 620 acres and a population of Five thousand.

Eridu was another early town, close to Uruk which was the dwelling place of Enki, goddess of abyss.

First Egyptian Ruler - King Horus Aha often called Menes became the first ruler of a unified Egypt in about 3,000 BC. He assumed the role of divine king, the living god Horus on Earth.

Early Sumerian and Egyptian rulers ruled by precedent( using decision of their predecessors rather than written laws), gave limited public appeared and lived in seclusion.

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